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Welcome To Pippin Decals-Located in Ca. We strive to make every customer happy with their order and wanting to come back again.We use top quality material and provide the best prices as possible.

        We have a 100% happy customer satisfaction since day one.Not one issue with our products we produce.We will use customer supplied shirts etc and we will explain the details in your supplied items for possible issues that can arise sometimes.....

Below are just a few of what we have done.. We will also install customer supplied items as well.Contact us for more info. We also will ship anywhere at an additional cost if needed.

                                         Mock-up Previews and Guidelines

When it comes to providing free mock-up previews to our customers,that is all they are,You do not have the rights to share any images,We own the copyrights to all we create until you pay for the rights.If you violate the rights you are subject to a minimum of $75 up to  $250 per image violation.Even if you send us an image ,If we have to create the file,we own the rights till paid for. This protects us from being used for creating an image and a customer running off with a preview to have it done somewhere else or sharing on social media if its brochures etc.We use special software that tracks all images across the internet so we know if something is being used we own. Dont be that person.It will cost you.
                                                                THESE ARE NOT PRINTED STICKERS
WHAT DO WE DO?---  Banners,Out Door Signs,Automotive,Lettering, Layered Graphics,Store Fronts,Door Magnets,T-Shirt and more.Need something installed you have?We do that too.(Ask for more Details).


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