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These are our most popular films we use most.We have much more to choose from depending on your application needs.
               Depending on your monitor settings-Colors may not be 100% accurate.Click an image to see larger preview.
                                     These are the few materials types we carry for most applications, Just ask us
                                                                   We now can order some reflective color materials

         631 is for interior walls or temporary placement light bond adhesion.(may not hold on marker resistant paints)
                                                                                           Calendar Vinyl
651 is for flat surfaces or very slight contour surfaces such as glass,some painted surfaces and plastics and metals                                                                                          with permanent bond adhesion.
                                                                                    Cast Vinyl
751,951,3m etc is for flat to heavy contour surfaces such as fenders,doors,helmets,hoods and more with a stronger                                                                              permanent bond adhesion and has many other uses.
                   Ask for more info on any product we carry or what material is needed for your application needs.
         The outdoor Durability lifespan of any material listed above is based on how the product is taken care of.Sun exposure and or heat,cleaning chemicals used etc.With proper care and protection your design can last past the rated years even if its a different brand of manufacturer.
                                        It all depends on how its cared for and how much direct sun Exposure it gets.